foreign national loans

We pride ourselves on offering alternative and flexible loan programs to clients around the world with incredible terms.

This program can be made on an investment property in the US for a resident of another country.

Generally the requirements are as follow:

1.Copy of Identification, Passport, and/or Driver’s License. Visa to enter the USA.

2. Proof of Address

  • Any cable, electric, or water bill under your name that shows the current address where you are living.

3. Income letter from the accountant or employer. 

  • From your accountant if you are the Owner of the Company (Needs CPA license)
  • From the employer if you are an employee.

4. Original bank reference letters. Click here to see sample bank letter for reference.opens pdf file

5. Copy of Last Three (3) Months of Bank Statements for all accounts both inside your country and outside (if applicable) wherever assets can be sourced.


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